Weak pelvic floor muscles can sometimes lead to a bit of leakage. If you’re a runner, this may become a barrier to doing what you love. Learn to rehabilitate your pelvic floor using the reformer!

If you are a runner with weakened pelvic floor muscles, you need to strengthen them! Follow some guidelines listed below and check out a video using the reformer to help you get back to doing what you love!

Train your pelvic floor muscles in isolation
This allows you to focus on just those muscles. Make sure you aren’t squeezing your glutes, inner things or overworking your belly muscles. Pull up and in with your PFM’s!

Add in some functional positions
Performing squats, lunges, pulling and pushing movements incorporates movements that we do all throughout our days into our exercise programs. Exhale and pull up and in with your PFM’s on the tougher part of the movement.

Add in some impact; if possible on a shuttle or reformer
This gives your body another stress to have to deal with but allows your PFM’s to get used to supporting you without the full force of gravity.┬áMake sure your PFM’s are pulled up and in before your foot hits the jump board

Check out the video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ra6bn4G4txA to see the exercises on the reformer in action