Feedback From My Patients
I saw Cathy after a major illness which left me with atrophied muscles and severe fatigue. Her technique and expertise significantly helped me in my recovery process. She is extremely knowledgeable and continues to assist me when I have any recurrence and flare ups. Cathy ably assesses the situation and provides effective relief. She is best physiotherapist I have seen.
Both my husband and I have been seeing Cathy for about 3 years now. Both of us have benefited from Cathy’s expertise and she is constantly upgrading herself and her techniques. She loves challenges and I am probably high up on her list!! Cathy takes the time to assess us each time she sees us so that the physio and training that follows each session is done with care so that we can meet our goals under her guidance. This is important to both of us and is very refreshing
Sandy & Bill Chapman
I am a golfer. A golfer who was going to have hip replacement and because I liked the process so much I did it twice, on the same hip within twelve weeks of each procedure. Cathy Watson. Not just a physiotherapist but a scientist who is curious about each situation, condition and patient. I connected with her over three years ago and while she did the physiotherapy to help me recover from the hip resurface/replacement she has done much more since then. I said that I was a golfer. Cathy helps me maintain my golf passion at a high level by consistent application of her healing skills to my many joint ailments and muscular/tendon challenges that aging and too much golf brings on. She has helped design my physical training program to align with my physical limitations. In short, I would not be able to manage the demands of my golf and exercise program without Cathy’s skill. She is interested in my well being and success in my ability to manage life. I am very appreciative of her healing skills and would recommend her to anyone for physiotherapy support, therapy, and just to maintain an active life. She “rocks