My Treatment Philosophy

I use a pilates-based physiotherapy approach which can be broken into two parts:

I use the knowledge and skills of a physiotherapist to assess and treat the body using techniques such as manual therapy, biofeedback, dry-needling and k-taping.

I use pilates therapeutically to lengthen and strengthen the muscles and joints and to teach the body how to move differently. This allows you to be actively engaged in the treatment process.

Ready to Book an Appointment?

What Makes My Physiotherapy Sessions Different?

  • All initial appointments are uninterrupted and 60 minutes in length
  • I offer follow-up email including pictures, videos and explanations of your exercises
  • Increased 1-on-1 time means more effective use of our time

My Primary Area of Focus Includes

  • Pelvic health physiotherapy
  • Posture education and retraining
  • Physiotherapy post breast cancer survivors
  • Physiotherapy for scoliosis

A little more about how I work:

Each Session Typically Follows a Progression called The 3R Method:

The premise of the 3R method is that optimal healing requires 3 standard components:

  1. Release – Myofascial stretching and joint mobilization will release tight joints and tissues that are inhibiting movement.
  2. Retrain – We can then introduce and learn new, more efficient movement patterns.
  3. Rebuild – The body is then ready to strengthen and rebuild the tissues which will help reinforce this new movement pattern.

All 3 components need to be properly addressed in order to create a long-lasting change in your body.