Pelvic Floor Exercises – Strengthening using the Ball Level I

Pelvic Floor Exercises

Join in on this Level I video for some pelvic floor exercise! These exercises help you to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles while using the ball. Remember that you need to know how to access your pelvic floor muscles before any exercise so you can maximize the training effect you will get!

If you aren’t sure if you are able to access your pelvic floor for these pelvic floor exercises, check out this link for further help.

How can I use my pelvic floor awareness during function and exercise?

Read below for some easily recognizable examples of how to incorporate your pelvic floor into day to day activities and with exercise:

  • Biceps curl:  exhale and pull up with your pelvic floor when you bend your elbow
  • Squat:  exhale and pull up with your pelvic floor as you stand back up
  • Push Up:  exhale and pull up with your pelvic floor as you straighten your elbows
  • Side lying leg raise:  exhale and pull up with your pelvic floor as you lift your leg
  • As you bend down to pick up baby, inhale on the way down and exhale and engage on the way up
  • As you do your tricep kickback in the gym, inhale to bend the elbow, exhale and engage to straighten your elbow
  • Before picking up your groceries, take an inhale to prepare, exhale to engage your core and pelvic floor and lift your grocery bag
  • exhale before your foot lands on the next step when climbing the stairs
  • exhale and hold your pelvic floor muscles as you brush the lower right side of your teeth; inhale and exhale to repeat the upper right side…
  • Your geriatric doggie needs help getting up into your truck? Exhale, engage those ever important muscles and lift your pup up

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