Physiotherapy Based Pilates

Physiotherapy bases Pilates addresses your static and dynamic movement patterns. How you are holding your body as you stand, sit, do your work and move about your day, dictates the amount of stress your muscles, joints and associated tissues will experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Physiotherapy Based Pilates
What is physiotherapy based Pilates?
This is a therapeutic exercise based system to help you make changes with the issues you are having with your body. Physiotherapy Based Pilates Can Help With:
What does this look like?

Physiotherapy based Pilates always starts with an initial physiotherapy assessment to identify any musculoskeletal challenges and map out your goals. Your Pilates sessions are then geared around this. After 4-6 sessions, we re-evaluate and if needed, another 4-6 sessions are included.

What Is The Goal With Physiotherapy Based Pilates?

This therapeutic direction helps you understand how to move more efficiently and with less pain in your body. What you learn here, you will add into everything else you do!

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Who is suitable for a physiotherapy based Pilates approach?
How Do I Sign Up?
If you know this approach sounds like exactly what you are looking for, you can book in directly from my website, under Clinical Pilates, Initial Assessment, with Cathy.