Sacroiliac Joint Issues

SIJ issues can become a chronic, persistent problem affecting the way someone is able to function. The pain is felt at the posterior aspect of the pelvis but the reason the pain is there can come from many other parts of the body.

How do I treat SIJ issues differently?

After finding the specific muscle and joint asymmetries a client may present with, I add in some postural work which includes how a person is standing and moving through their feet.

How a person moves through their feet will dictate how the forces are distributed through the rest of their body. Below is a picture that shows how someone can feel how to move properly through their feet which helps to redistribute the forces more evenly.

Once a person knows how to connect through their feet, find their neutral hip position and engage their core, specific strengthening exercises are added for the muscles that help support the SIJ. Below is a picture showing a glute strengthening exercise while keeping good alignment for the rest of the body.

Glute Strengthening - Step 1
Glute Strengthening – Step 1
Glute Strengthening – Step 2


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