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If you want better sex, you need to make sure your pelvic floor is strong! Sure, there are a lot of other things that help you have better sex, but why not start from the inside out??? Make sure your pelvic floor muscles are strong and flexible so they can help you have the best sex ever!

How do my pelvic floor muscles help me have better sex?

Pelvic Floor Muscles

The pelvic floor muscles have many functions:

  • support for your pelvic organs
  • opening and closing of your sphincters (anus, vagina, urethra)
  • stability to the joints associated with your pelvis; back, SIJ, sacrococcygeal joint
  • pumping lymphatic fluid from your legs to your heart
  • they relax to allow for sexual penetration and contract for orgasm!

if your pelvic floor muscles are too tight, having sexual penetration may be terribly uncomfortable. And, if your pelvic floor muscles are too weak, your sensation will be less and they won’t be able to assist in giving you the best orgasm!

What do I do with my pelvic floor muscles to have better sex?

The first step is to find out if your pelvic floor muscles need to improve their flexibility or increase their strength. Most often, if your muscles are a little too tight, you will first have to increase their length and then follow up with strengthening exercises. If your muscles are too weak, you can go straight to strengthening. But how do you know where to start? If you can visit your friendly neighbourhood pelvic health physiotherapist, that is the best option. You need to find out if your pelvic floor needs to be strengthened or lengthened. If you aren’t able to do an in person visit, there are some general guidelines you can use.

Let’s start with finding your pelvic floor muscles

You first need to know how to make these muscles move. Have a read through this article to get lots of great info about how to find your pelvic floor muscles and how to make them move.


You have found them, now let’s release them!

Butterfly Stretch

Lots of people think ‘being tight’ is the way to go. When we watch movies and see pictures of people who are ‘ripped’ through their abs, we think this is the way we are supposed to be. But why not think about this a little differently? The only people who should be ‘ripped’ like that are the people who are competing in bodybuilding, fitness modelling, etc. And in their off season, they aren’t ripped.

Too Much Tone

There is such a thing as ‘too much tone’. We want our ‘resting tone’ in our muscles to be taut and accessible enough to perform the functions we need to, when we need to. But when we aren’t doing a lot, we need our muscles to have an easy ‘resting tone’. We don’t need our muscles to be ‘on’ when we aren’t using them. Too much tone in our pelvic floor muscles can cause problems for us, just like it does in other areas of our bodies.

If you aren’t sure you are buying into this, compare your pelvic floor with another area…say, your tight butt muscles. If someone were to poke you in the butt with their finger … hopefully this doesn’t happen too often … and it felt to them like their finger was hitting a steel door…that is too much tone! And too much tone is not functional; they won’t be able to lengthen fully when your leg goes forward as you are walking and they won’t be able to easily lengthen when you are squatting to the ground to pick something up. This will eventually cause a problem in your back as well as other areas. Your pelvic floor is no different!

Have a read through and watch the videos in the link below to learn how to stretch your pelvic floor muscles!


You’ve released them, now let’s strengthen them!

How much strength do you need in your pelvic floor muscles? On daily basis, you need your pelvic floor muscles to be firing enough to support you as you perform a task. When you are lifting something super heavy, your pelvic floor muscles need to be firing more than if you are picking up a pencil.

So, how do you know how hard to fire these muscles? Well, when you are doing isolated pelvic floor exercises, otherwise known as Kegel’s, your purpose is to increase both strength and endurance. So, training them with only 50% intensity doesn’t make sense. You won’t reach your top level of strength. Train them with 100% intensity so you will have the strength available when you need to use it!

So, keep this in mind when you are doing your pelvic floor exercises. Use some effort! You will know if you are using too much effort if you see:

  • your inner thighs squeezing together, shaking or notice them release when you have let go of your pelvic floor contraction
  • your butt muscles are squeezing together and/or you notice that you are moving up and down on your chair when doing your pelvic floor exercises in sitting
  • a lot of belly action; your abs are working super hard

Find out more by clicking below:


And even more info to have a look at:


And, if you want some info on a great little online exercise course I created, click on the link below. This is an exercise program created specifically for people who know they need to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. If you have a weaker pelvic floor with no symptoms, have a prolapse or experience leaking because of weakness, then this program is for you.


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