What is Pilates Based Physiotherapy?

For years now, physiotherapists have understood and treated muscle and joint instabilities due to their knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology.  Using the various pieces of pilates equipment has allowed for a creatively practical way for physiotherapists to rehabilitate the body’s imbalances.

Pilates-based physiotherapy begins with an assessment by a registered physiotherapist to address joint restrictions and instabilities, muscle imbalances and incorrect muscle patterning.  The problems are isolated and a treatment approach is decided upon between both the client and physiotherapist.  Physiotherapy techniques such as joint mobilizations, soft tissue release and muscle energy techniques are used to free the joint and muscle to allow greater movement.  Suitable pilates exercises are then used to move the body within the newly gained motion and train it to move more efficiently with less pain.

New pains and old pains, one painful area or many, athletes and couch potatoes, the young and the not so young will all benefit from pilates-based physiotherapy. The end result will be greater pain free movement with stability where needed, working within optimal movement patterns.

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